Marine Expertise

THALGO World Oceans Day

Let the sea empower your beauty

The sea is essential for humans.
Let’s protect it!
hanks to the presence of marine plants, the ocean releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than all the world’s forests.
However, today 80% of aquatic pollution comes from land, created by humans.

"No water, no life. No blue, no green" - SYLVIA EARLE

The THALGO teams gear into action


Thalgo is committed to cleaning up seas and oceans By changing our everyday habits and consumer behaviour, we can help to protect our marine heritage. To mark World Oceans Day 2019, the Thalgo teams geared into action all over the world. A vast coastal clean-up operation was carried out: 15 km of coastline was rid of 750 kg of waste, preventing 15 m3 of marine pollution in total.

Our commitment to the sea

Thalgo was born from the Oceans and has always been committed to protecting the environment and the seabed.

We strive to minimise our ecological footprint through a host of actions:

- A production site promoting recycling
- Packaging with the least environmental impact
- Working on the formulas to prioritise ocean-friendly ingredients more than ever

Our commitment to skin

The Thalgo laboratory develops formulas that are cleaner than ever: - free from parabens - no mineral oils - no ingredients of animal origin* - free from nanoparticles *Except beeswax and collagen As a matter of course, the formulas are tested under dermatological supervision to guarantee their safety and efficacy.

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